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Opbouw van de paraSITE

Opbouw van de paraSITE deel 2

Tsantiri hall
De volgende films zullen te zien zijn in de Tsantiri hall:

Paula Albuquerque, Eternal Foreigner
2003, 28min.

Armed with a miniDV camera I went all the way to India to confront my lack of national and cultural identity and look for my dead father. Most important of all I portray who I would have been if History had been different and my family would have stayed in India.

Bart Groenendaal, Stories from the Sudan
2003, 16 min.

While we read the account of a refugee who travelled through the Sudan, we see images of a girl travelling the same area on holiday.

Sagi Groner, 4.11.02
2003, 20 min.

There are places where even a walk from your home to the nearest shopping mall can become a meaningful journey of self-contemplation and discovery. Israel might be such a place.

Sami Kallinen, The Juggler
2003, 8 min.

The Juggler' is a short documentary of a person who to some degree by his own choice exists in the margins of society. He lives the life of an urban hermit, following his strict daily rituals of which juggling is the central one.

Jan Peeters, Het Wedervaren
2003, 49min.

A man dwells. In the morning he steps out of his house. Round about is his world. He measures.The days take their course and the man works his time round. Elsewhere another does his due. Through time the things are. They know their place and their chance. A visit, an occupation, an occurrence; it tells what has befallen them. And it goes further.

Pablo Pijnappel, 1921-1977 1979-
2002, 9 min.

The film tells as the story about a man looking around the world for his real mother . The search begins when he was a young man, but what he'll actually find is his own identity in a foreign country. The story from that point continues two generations later, with his grandson, who starts his search.

Antonis Pittas, Am I not
2002, 5 min.

My work is about "space and time", in the past, the present and the future. It contains elements of my daily life, which I believe in some points is familiar with many others.

Vava Stojadinovic, Valencia
2002, 5 min.

"Some of them think it's diabolical. Some of them think it comes from another world.It's a secret that everybody knows. Art of fire from people of Valencia".

Tsivopoulos Stefanos, Actors
2003, 29 min.

Four actors meet for the first time in a military set to live together for a day, while they have to create the character of a soldier according to their own imagination. The lack of script and direction leads to improvised behaviour and unexpected actions, superexposing the thin line between fiction and reality.

Maria Zervou, Diagnosis
2003, 3 min.

My grandmother seems completely satisfied within her daily life but it is clear that not all of her movements have a specific purpose rather her actions become ritualistic.
Wat is Parasite Paradise?
Van 1 augustus tot en met 28 september 2003 heeft de Utrechtse Vinex-wijk Leidsche Rijn er een nieuwe nederzetting bij: Parasite Paradise. Rond de vijfentwintig opvallende voorbeelden ....

Waarom Parasite Paradise?

Parasite Paradise is een onderdeel van een meerjarig beeldende kunstproject, BEYOND, dat speciaal is ontwikkeld voor de Utrechtse VINEX-locatie Leidsche Rijn. Kunstenaars...

Waar is Parasite Paradise?
Parasite Paradise vindt plaats naast het Informatiecentrum Leidsche Rijn, aan de Verlengde Vleutenseweg 32 te Utrecht.

Dinsdag t/m Donderdag, zondag:
13.00 – 19.00 uur
Vrijdag en Zaterdag:
kassa geopend:
13.00 – 22.00 uur
Terrein sluit om 24.00 uur
Maandag gesloten

Volwassenen € 6,-
(2 maanden geldig) € 10,-
Kinderen tot 6 jaar, U-pas gratis toegang

Overige informatie
informatie en reserveringen
0900 72727483
(0,25 ct per gesprek)


contact: of 030-2864737


Parasite Paradise is een onderdeel van BEYOND, meerjarig kunstproject in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht.
1 augustus 2003 - 28 september 2003
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Met een speciaal en wekelijks cultureel en activiteiten programma wordt er iedere week in de Parasite Paradise leven in de brouwerij gebracht.

Laatste week

Op Parasite Paradise is veel te doen voor kinderen. Bekijk hieronder wat je zoal kunt doen.

Bouw je eigen Parasite

Ieder weekend worden de maaltijden in het restaurant door bijzondere en uitmuntende koks/kunstenaars bereid.


In een gezinsbed of een knusse capsule? Parasite Paradise, ongewoon lekker slapen.


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